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You have just entered room "WeissDiaries."
WailingVorpal: ::beams at Dulci::
YamiNoTeffy: ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
das Naoe Nagi
: welcome Aya!
BunnyGirlOuka: Alooooooooooooooooha.
Akai no Kaze: heyo all :D
YamiNoTeffy: Aya-kun!
: Beware the glompage!
DulcineaO4: "Crawford, why is my yogurt all over my desk?" "Earthquake sir."
WailingVorpal: I'm hotter than you, Geisel.
WailingVorpal: and you Aya.
Sqwydmuffyn: hello Ran
WailingVorpal: ::grins::
WailingVorpal: ::cracks up at Dulci::
das Naoe Nagi: O_O @ Dulci
BunnyGirlOuka: *dead*
YamiNoTeffy: >.>
: *deader than the drama CDs dead*
skippytoad5: I don't think so Schuldig; I'm hotter than you could even imagine.
WailingVorpal: I've tainted her finally!
Akai no Kaze: ::twitch:: Internet..freaking out... o_o
DulcineaO4: -.-*
WailingVorpal: Ah contrair, you are simply a poor reproduction..
KyoFujimiya has left the room.
NekoYotan: :wavies at Aya-mun:
YamiNoTeffy: you know what all of Weiss's wepons are phallic...
: maybe nor yoji's
: I am nae saying a single word. This is all your fault. I am simply an innocent bystander.
Akai no Kaze: ::wavies back @ Yohji-mun::
BunnyGirlOuka: Yoji's wire is SO bondage-y
das Naoe Nagi: Yohji's isn't phallic.. but it's bondage-oriented
YamiNoTeffy: hai
Akai no Kaze
: XD
Sqwydmuffyn: Hey, I get a long pointy spear
das Naoe Nagi: LOL
NekoYotan: :smirks:
WailingVorpal: XD
YamiNoTeffy: XDDD
: Ok, so does the phrase KyoFujimiya has left the room. keep coming up on the screen for anyone else?
WailingVorpal: I told you, you were gay, Rook
BunnyGirlOuka: Hey, I have... a huge-ass bowtie... >.>
YamiNoTeffy: hai hai
das Naoe Nagi
: *nods*
skippytoad5: Who's not gay in this anime?
WailingVorpal: yes she keeps trying to get in
BunnyGirlOuka: yes'ums
Sqwydmuffyn: no no no
Akai no Kaze: ::pokes her cat:: BRB, minna..
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook is not gay
skippytoad5: oh
das Naoe Nagi: She can't/won't installa newer AIM
BunnyGirlOuka: I'm not gay here
WailingVorpal: but her computer won't let her3.
skippytoad5: why not?
skippytoad5: you should be
WailingVorpal: LOL
Sqwydmuffyn: NO
skippytoad5: it's funner that way. ^_~
YamiNoTeffy: lol!
: Ouka... chasing girls... >.>
das Naoe Nagi: Kyo told me that she wants to see an Ouka x Tot come up in the game.. X_x
YamiNoTeffy: I'm not gay
: x_x
Akai no Kaze: ermkay...kitty went out...::dawdles::
Akai no Kaze: x_X
Sqwydmuffyn: I think this is more fun for Schu
das Naoe Nagi: yeah...
WailingVorpal: yes it is!
skippytoad5: yeah you are... you just won't admit it.
BunnyGirlOuka: I already have someone trying to get me to do a Tot x Sakura in another RPG...
YamiNoTeffy: O_o
das Naoe Nagi
skippytoad5: ^__________^
das Naoe Nagi: Sakura wants Sakura x Nagi in this one..............
skippytoad5: <---amused
BunnyGirlOuka: But this person also wants my Tot to do Schu.
BunnyGirlOuka: XD
Akai no Kaze: I called Aya a flame because of his hair, but he said he wasn't a flamer. ::coughs:: He so is..
NekoYotan: :chuckles:
Sqwydmuffyn: I will not sleep with any of the currently played male characters.......
skippytoad5: So... *cries* I have to go to a silly meeting. I hope to be back very soonish.
NekoYotan: :does a lil fontswitch:
das Naoe Nagi: Finally at least someone won't!!!!
skippytoad5: Baibai for now.
WailingVorpal: dammit
WailingVorpal: run while you can geisel
KyoFujimiya has left the room.
Sqwydmuffyn: later :)
YamiNoTeffy: byeeee
das Naoe Nagi
: bai bai!!
WailingVorpal: I'm still hotter
BunnyGirlOuka: aloha
DulcineaO4: Bai, ^.^;;
: gr.
WailingVorpal: oh heck no.
DulcineaO4: Gluhen Aya was tasty... without the froofy scarf thing.
skippytoad5: No you're not. *throws fireball at Schu to distract him from getting the last word in*
BunnyGirlOuka: Yeah, well, I don't doubt that on Ouka's end... >.>
WailingVorpal: ::ducks::
das Naoe Nagi: Nah.. Tot is the most hot! *points to picure she drew*
WailingVorpal: ::watches Fireball blast toward rook::
YamiNoTeffy: XD
WailingVorpal: :D
Akai no Kaze: heee
BunnyGirlOuka: XD
skippytoad5: *cracks up*
BunnyGirlOuka: Shameless plugination.
Sqwydmuffyn: Tot is jailbait
skippytoad5: *contemplates skipping meeting*
das Naoe Nagi: LOL XDXD
Akai no Kaze: Tot is sexy when she doesn't talk >_>
skippytoad5: Er... no... can't...
Sqwydmuffyn: half of the characters are jailbait
BunnyGirlOuka: heh
skippytoad5: baibai
BunnyGirlOuka: *salutes*
WailingVorpal: Tot has the mentality of a five year old
skippytoad5: (for real)
YamiNoTeffy: I can't say anything about Tot...cause i'm not suposed to know here yet
WailingVorpal: ja Geisel
Akai no Kaze: ja~~
das Naoe Nagi: I like Kako's version of Tot, she's funny
NekoYotan: :wavies baibai:
das Naoe Nagi: Ja ne!
YamiNoTeffy: lol
: *saluted*
WailingVorpal: ok let's see... who are you playing Yami?
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou
das Naoe Nagi
: Yami has YET to post! You should post!! *nods*
WailingVorpal: and he acts how?
YamiNoTeffy: ACK!
: I know how he doesn't act...
WailingVorpal: gay?
WailingVorpal: XD XD
DulcineaO4: Ken-clone! x.x;
das Naoe Nagi: LOL
Sqwydmuffyn: like the rest of us sickos?
Akai no Kaze: lol
DulcineaO4: Brad's going to have a field day with the Hidaka-replacement comments.
das Naoe Nagi: Kyou's in love with his broooooother. XD
YamiNoTeffy: Hes hotheaded and doesn't think things trough but will risk his life for someone he cares about.
: ^^;;
: I was going for 'incestuous', but I suppose that works too... XD
Akai no Kaze: Yaoicest ::cough::
Akai no Kaze: XD
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD
WailingVorpal: ::laughs::
YamiNoTeffy: >.>
WailingVorpal: oh the possiblities
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou *keeps mouth shut*
Akai no Kaze
: I ONLY like yaoicest for one pairing >_>
Sqwydmuffyn: @.@
WailingVorpal: which one?
Sqwydmuffyn: ami and suboshi?
BunnyGirlOuka: Su, Am, boshi?
BunnyGirlOuka: Hey, I win!
Akai no Kaze: Tatsuha x Eiri ..::coughs::
YamiNoTeffy: x.x
das Naoe Nagi
: YAY!!!!
BunnyGirlOuka: *wants a cookie now*
das Naoe Nagi: I love that pairing!
WailingVorpal: LOL
Akai no Kaze: XD
DulcineaO4: *snrk* ...I could be evil here....
YamiNoTeffy: *hands Ouka cookie*
: Yaaaay!
das Naoe Nagi: *gives Ouka a cookie*
WailingVorpal: What about Eiji and his little brother in PoT?
Sqwydmuffyn: please be evil
NekoYotan: :perks up at that: :ikes that too: :prefers Yuuzi and Hiro though: >.>
Akai no Kaze: I've yet to see that series... =/
das Naoe Nagi: Yuuzi and Hiro is goooood too
WailingVorpal: Which one?
Akai no Kaze: PoT
YamiNoTeffy: i like the brothers from Under The Glass Moon
: Yuuzi makes me laugh in the remixes
WailingVorpal: XD it is gold!
NekoYotan: :wraps herself up in remix 7 and 11:
das Naoe Nagi: My ship is still Shuichi x Ryuichi though
BunnyGirlOuka: Then again, I can't read kanji... >.>
WailingVorpal: ::snuggles the Golden pair::
Akai no Kaze: !!!!! UtGM *____*
YamiNoTeffy: lol!
das Naoe Nagi
: ukepiiiiile!!!!
BunnyGirlOuka: XD
YamiNoTeffy: LOL
Akai no Kaze
: ::clings to remix 9 and 10:: ASK..minemineminemine
WailingVorpal: you and youre uke's. it's an obsession
Akai no Kaze: uh..I think it's 9 and 10..
das Naoe Nagi: Ukes tend to be soft and pretty.. I can't help loving them ^__^
Sqwydmuffyn: *hides the Nicol poster*
YamiNoTeffy: ^^;;;
WailingVorpal: Nicol?
BunnyGirlOuka: I can only remember 3 and 7...>.>
Sqwydmuffyn: Gundam Seed
das Naoe Nagi: There was no remix for me.. though I adore the Ryu ones!
WailingVorpal: ohh I need to see that
YamiNoTeffy: For Tohma?
Akai no Kaze
: I wanna see GS too..
Sqwydmuffyn: yes you do.... everyone does
YamiNoTeffy: hey Suguru had no remix action
das Naoe Nagi
: Toudou-mun made the funniest Gundam Seed Music video the other day
YamiNoTeffy: *quite pissed*
: should I burn discs?
BunnyGirlOuka: Suguru gets no ass, for in the manga, he HAD no ass.
YamiNoTeffy: XD
: I like Suguru...
das Naoe Nagi: LOL
WailingVorpal: I forgot who I was talking to O_o
YamiNoTeffy: *snuggles her character*
Akai no Kaze
: the only Gundam series I've seen entirely is G Gundam ::flails, cling:: GW is keen too...
BunnyGirlOuka: But in the manga, his back when straight to legs - serious lack of actual ass
das Naoe Nagi: I like Tohma x Suguru
YamiNoTeffy: I do too
WailingVorpal: burn disks for who? me?
NekoYotan: :never could stand Suguru: >.> :clings to Hiro and K and Yuuzi and purrs quite happily:
BunnyGirlOuka: I have a Tohma-coat.
Sqwydmuffyn: sure....
BunnyGirlOuka: Random, yes
YamiNoTeffy: we never did that Hinoai
das Naoe Nagi
: Wai!
YamiNoTeffy: lol
: It's black with the collar and everything... ^^
Sqwydmuffyn: Gundam is good pretty boys and space expolsions
YamiNoTeffy: i wanna tomha coat
: So amused by it
das Naoe Nagi: We sort of alluded to it
YamiNoTeffy: lol
: Only $150 in Fashion Bug
YamiNoTeffy: we gotta do a lemon
das Naoe Nagi
: X_x.....
WailingVorpal: I have I think all the series that were made up to two years ago for gundam
YamiNoTeffy: XD
das Naoe Nagi
: too expensive!
das Naoe Nagi: Yes, a lemon, yes!
BunnyGirlOuka: That's what I said
BunnyGirlOuka: And then my mom bought it... o.O
WailingVorpal: this touma talk confuses me XD I played him for so long!
NekoYotan: :perks: Fashion Bug... I work there.... >.>
das Naoe Nagi: I stay far away from Gundam anything. X_x
DulcineaO4: 150?!!
YamiNoTeffy: lol!
: me too i'm not fond of Gundam
WailingVorpal: I know you do Hinoai XD
DulcineaO4: *glances at her coat* I uh... feel intensely cheap now...
Akai no Kaze: ::never could stand Tohma or Suguru:: ^^;; ::clings to 2/3rds of ASK::
WailingVorpal: ::pets the purple coat::
Akai no Kaze: coats are fun..
BunnyGirlOuka: I stole one from my older sister
NekoYotan: :has a Schucoat now:
BunnyGirlOuka: Ooooooh...
DulcineaO4: It's stylish too. -.-* I feel like, all sell-outy...
das Naoe Nagi: LOL You don't like Tohma because he terrorized your Tachi
YamiNoTeffy: Nah you don't have to stand him! Suguru is mine *snuggles him*
Akai no Kaze
: I know ^^;
BunnyGirlOuka: Which reminds me!
WailingVorpal: I love touma I'll make up for aya's blatant disrespect for the most plotting character in Gravi XD
YamiNoTeffy: XD
Akai no Kaze
: Ma-kun..::pets::
BunnyGirlOuka: I need to get my sister to dress up like Tachi, and take pictures of me in the coat pushing her in front of parked cars... XD
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD!!
Akai no Kaze: I dressed up like Tachi! XD
DulcineaO4: Hey, as long as I can get K... don't ask me why...
das Naoe Nagi: I wanna dress as Tohma! But I'm too tall I think
Akai no Kaze: eh..a blonde one..
BunnyGirlOuka: That's right up there on the list with "get Micheal Jackson pictures developed"
DulcineaO4: Maybe it's the entire terrorizing-people thing.
das Naoe Nagi: K is funny!
WailingVorpal: LOL
BunnyGirlOuka: Tohma's 5'9", if I can translate
WailingVorpal: K is like Brad and has his voice
Akai no Kaze: lol
WailingVorpal: is Touma really that tall?!
das Naoe Nagi: 5'9".. I'm still taller
BunnyGirlOuka: I wish I was taller than that... vv
YamiNoTeffy: hey Hinoai.. your going to Expo ne?
WailingVorpal: He looks like a complete shrimp!
das Naoe Nagi: No you don't!!! o-o
Akai no Kaze: ::shrinks:: My friends sometimes call me Armrest..
Akai no Kaze: >>
YamiNoTeffy: i'm 4'9
das Naoe Nagi
: I'm going to feel like a giant when I go to Japan
BunnyGirlOuka: I'm 5'7" and SHRINKING
DulcineaO4: ...Yes, but I think I'd feel safer with K, er, maybe not...
BunnyGirlOuka: shuh-riiiiiiin-keeeeeeeeeeng
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD Alsie you're going to be my armrest!
WailingVorpal: 5'2" not far from You Kyou
Akai no Kaze: XD
das Naoe Nagi: I want to shrink!!! I'm 5'11"
YamiNoTeffy: i feel so short T_T
Akai no Kaze
: 5'2 here as well
Sqwydmuffyn: 5'3"
NekoYotan: 5'8ish....
DulcineaO4: Yay! A tall person! *latch*
BunnyGirlOuka: I've lost two inches in the last two years
WailingVorpal: Don't think of it as Short Kyou, think of it as petite
Akai no Kaze: I have a friend..freshman in college..she's 4'7 I believe..
das Naoe Nagi: How tall are you Dulci?
BunnyGirlOuka: There's a kid in my class who's 4 foot NOTHING
DulcineaO4: Mm, 5'5 to 5'7
DulcineaO4: Not sure exactly.
das Naoe Nagi: How do you lose inches? Tell!!!!
YamiNoTeffy: damn
: And a senior who's 4'1 at max
BunnyGirlOuka: I don't know o.O
Akai no Kaze: I like being short..
YamiNoTeffy: me too
das Naoe Nagi
: I hate being tall. I despise it. X_x
BunnyGirlOuka: I like it
YamiNoTeffy: *latches to Hinoai*
: I have a height complex because I hung around guys who were over 6' for two years
das Naoe Nagi: *snuggles*
WailingVorpal: Saaaa I've given up caring about being dwarfed by everyone
BunnyGirlOuka: Especially when I play basketball, and the perosn guarding me is 4'... XD
WailingVorpal: Can't see in large crowds T_T
BunnyGirlOuka: *has now massacred 'person'*
das Naoe Nagi: I can't dress like a cute little schoolgirl when I'm that tall.. it makes me sad!
YamiNoTeffy: XD
das Naoe Nagi
: *cries*
YamiNoTeffy: but you can dress as Tohma!
WailingVorpal: ::karasu sits down and starts tearing bits off Ouka's massacred person::
Sqwydmuffyn: don't cry
BunnyGirlOuka: XD
DulcineaO4: O.o Whoa. *stuffs Itsuki in a closet*
Akai no Kaze: Usually people think I'm taller than 5'2...but it;s because I wear, like, 3 inch boots all the time.. XD
BunnyGirlOuka: I am SO going to cosplay as Ouka at a con one day
YamiNoTeffy: XD
: And scare all the Omis I can fins\d
das Naoe Nagi: *sniffles* all of my favorite characters are short. ^^;
BunnyGirlOuka: ^^
Akai no Kaze: ::snuggles Hi-chan::
Sqwydmuffyn: here have some of this *hands Hi-chan homemade banana bread*
BunnyGirlOuka: *killed a 'find'*
das Naoe Nagi: LOL you know someone at Yaoicon thought I was playing Aya-chan? O_o I wasn't even dressed up XD
BunnyGirlOuka: lol
YamiNoTeffy: LOL
WailingVorpal: I remember that
das Naoe Nagi: Sankyuu!!
Akai no Kaze: ::gives Hi-chan freshly made Boehms chocolates:: XDXD
BunnyGirlOuka: Ooooh....
das Naoe Nagi: banana bread!!!
das Naoe Nagi: chocolates!!! sankyuu!
das Naoe Nagi: You're all making me hungry!
WailingVorpal: ::crosses eyes::
YamiNoTeffy: XD
Akai no Kaze
: Omg...I am no longer in the Esstet evilness class! ::grins:: LAST DAY TODAY!!
BunnyGirlOuka: XD
Sqwydmuffyn: no banana's for you schu
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD!!
BunnyGirlOuka: My French teacher is SO in Esset
WailingVorpal: ::smirks::
WailingVorpal: Not even yours?=
das Naoe Nagi: HAHA!
Sqwydmuffyn: NO
Akai no Kaze: ALL teachers work for Esstet -_-
das Naoe Nagi: X_x *dies*
WailingVorpal: LOL
BunnyGirlOuka: lol
Akai no Kaze:
Sqwydmuffyn: stay away from my banana
WailingVorpal: you sure?
Akai no Kaze: my choir teacher doesnt
BunnyGirlOuka: I didn't finish excercise 3, so she's trying to give me detention... ><
DulcineaO4: My English one didn't... she's an ex-hippie! *proud nod*
Sqwydmuffyn: yes I'm sure
WailingVorpal: All right. but don't say I never offered
das Naoe Nagi: aww! *bashes on Ouka's teacher*
BunnyGirlOuka: Ex-hippie... XD
BunnyGirlOuka: I drew a picture of her, once.
Akai no Kaze: though..he yells at us alot.. "You're SHARP! Get the damn thing CORRECT! >OOO"
BunnyGirlOuka: She was surrounded by the fires of hell... ^^
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD
DulcineaO4: She is! She's cool though but like, you can always tell when she enters a room cause it suddenly smells like patchouli...
das Naoe Nagi: That reminds me of the picture that Nagi drew waaaaaaaay in the beginning of the game XD
BunnyGirlOuka: which I am now going to find... and link... and plug... XD
KyoFujimiya has left the room.
Sqwydmuffyn: OH ew ... I went to school in Santa Cruz...... Hippies scare me
BunnyGirlOuka: heh
WailingVorpal: ::continues to harass Rook::
Akai no Kaze: a science teacher at my HS had long grey hair..and he ties it back with a butteryfly clip.. >_>
Sqwydmuffyn: *goes and buys a chastity belt*
das Naoe Nagi: I wish knight was on so that I could harass her
WailingVorpal: XD XD
Akai no Kaze: *butterfly
BunnyGirlOuka: Hey, I found my sketch of George....
WailingVorpal: that's hurt you more than me
BunnyGirlOuka: Not the belt!
YamiNoTeffy: i got a butterflyboy!
: stay away
WailingVorpal: ::drapes an arm over your shoulder with a playboy magazine in it::
das Naoe Nagi: LOL @ Ouka... that's your teacher?
Sqwydmuffyn: don't touch me you freak
BunnyGirlOuka: That's her
Akai no Kaze: XD
WailingVorpal: ::Grins evily:: is that your mother on page thirty two? ::jumps away::.
WailingVorpal: evilly rather
Sqwydmuffyn: yeah. She's hot huh?
WailingVorpal: O_o
WailingVorpal: ok.. no wonder you're not gay
YamiNoTeffy: XD
: o_O
NekoYotan: O.O
BunnyGirlOuka: XD
NekoYotan: ._.
WailingVorpal: oedipus
BunnyGirlOuka: Very
Sqwydmuffyn: your mom is next
DulcineaO4: ...*falls over*
WailingVorpal: Schuldig laughs. "Good luck finding her"
Sqwydmuffyn: that's right yo, I'm a motherfucker
BunnyGirlOuka: *plays the "not listening" game*
WailingVorpal: XD
DulcineaO4: Mom? What mom? Schu was spawned! *Brad voice*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: o_o *disturbed*
Akai no Kaze: XD
Sqwydmuffyn: dude your mom's chained up in my basement
WailingVorpal: O_o no my mom hated me though and I ran away at thirteen. Don' know where she is now
WailingVorpal: bullshit
Sqwydmuffyn: she is come on over, I'll show you
WailingVorpal: you can't even speak german and wouldn't survive a day in aanother country pansy
BunnyGirlOuka: I am sooo liited in German
Sqwydmuffyn: mail order bride
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *killed his parents*
BunnyGirlOuka: LIMITED
das Naoe Nagi: XD @ Ouka
BunnyGirlOuka: *ran away from said parents*
WailingVorpal: ::grins:: besides, you should be more worried about pawn
Sqwydmuffyn: OH him......
WailingVorpal: yeah
Sqwydmuffyn: I chained him to Bishop's bad
das Naoe Nagi: poooor Pawn ;__;
Sqwydmuffyn: um bed even
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::doesn't even want to think about what happened to his parents:: ._.
WailingVorpal: LOL you ARE gay
Akai no Kaze: brb
das Naoe Nagi: hai!
Sqwydmuffyn: no, just trying to keep them away from me
DulcineaO4: For Nagi and Schu: acket.jpg
Sqwydmuffyn: That Schoen chick is hot.... where's she at?
WailingVorpal: LOL Knights going to get his ass killed
Sqwydmuffyn: by who?
BunnyGirlOuka: Schoen's on her ship
das Naoe Nagi: oooh, pretty coat! *pets*
WailingVorpal: :;points to his list of people to bed: She's number three now. I think she's at their mansion
WailingVorpal: oh ship
das Naoe Nagi: Schoen's still at sea, ne?
Sqwydmuffyn: the line keeps getting longer
WailingVorpal: more peopel keep showing up.
DulcineaO4: *feels stylish now, ears droop*
WailingVorpal: can't be helped
WailingVorpal: it's a cool coat Dulci
das Naoe Nagi: Not a single member of Schreient is online.. ;___;
WailingVorpal: why dont' you like it?
BunnyGirlOuka: Awwww...
BunnyGirlOuka: My sister forgot who The Gimace was.... O.O
das Naoe Nagi: Schreient is elusive.. _
Akai no Kaze: mrr.. ::back..
DulcineaO4: I'm still getting used to it right now... shoulders are weird.
das Naoe Nagi: The Gimace?
Akai no Kaze: * -::
BunnyGirlOuka: ***Grimace
BunnyGirlOuka: *killed another word*
WailingVorpal: Isn't half of schrient yuri?
das Naoe Nagi: LOL
das Naoe Nagi: From what I remember...
BunnyGirlOuka: ...yes, yes they are
Sqwydmuffyn: so who's gonna kill knight first?
das Naoe Nagi: I think Hel and Schoen were getting it on?
DulcineaO4: Schoen and, uh... Hell I think.
BunnyGirlOuka: yep
das Naoe Nagi: ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Sqwydmuffyn: ooo can I watch
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi's gonna main Knight's body!!! X_x He's mad.
DulcineaO4: Oh! Oh! Just let Brad whack Ken with a bat a coupla times and then he'll give him to Nagi with lots of spoons.
das Naoe Nagi: yep!
BunnyGirlOuka: s porks
WailingVorpal: ^^;;
Akai no Kaze: lol
Sqwydmuffyn: yes but your all injured... .Rook is right down the hall and crazy
DulcineaO4: Or maybe some soccer balls. You could probably do some damage with soccer balls.
Akai no Kaze: I'm thinking maybe Aya should talk with the Crashers.. >_> They were his old teammates, after all ^^;;;
BunnyGirlOuka: Or anvils. They hurt a whole lot, too.
das Naoe Nagi: XD Nagi's well enough to systematically tear Knight limb from limb.. ^.^
WailingVorpal: LOL imagine that Aya. Being social.
Akai no Kaze: ;p
DulcineaO4: Yes but, anvils would make the death quick, you want something creative.
das Naoe Nagi: Aya... X_x Nagi's mad at you too.
BunnyGirlOuka: Good call...
Akai no Kaze: Oh, I know
DulcineaO4: Brad's getting in touch with his Inner Sadist.
Sqwydmuffyn: cool... then Knight and Ran can scream at each other
das Naoe Nagi: Expecially now that Omi told him about your weekend plans. X_x
Akai no Kaze: XDXDXD
BunnyGirlOuka: As much fun as gore and blood is, my sister---GRIMACE---wants to get on
Akai no Kaze: It's gonna be fuuunnn
das Naoe Nagi: Aww!
das Naoe Nagi: *huggles Ouka* Nooooo! Ours!
BunnyGirlOuka: And I give to her this message, since she's reading all this:
BunnyGirlOuka: GRIMACE!
WailingVorpal: ahh bye ouka
WailingVorpal: I almost kidnapped you while you were run away!
Sqwydmuffyn: bye
DulcineaO4: Talk later Ouka-mun, maybe on the MS community, ^.^;;
WailingVorpal: but then rozenkreuz -_
das Naoe Nagi: Bai bai Ouka-chan!
BunnyGirlOuka: My sister JUST NOW remembered who the Grimace is... XD
Akai no Kaze: Ja, Ouka-chan!
WailingVorpal: LOL
skippytoad5: And speaking of Rosenkreuz... guess who's back? *dramatic pose*
BunnyGirlOuka: Mayor McCheese and I say adieu... XD
BunnyGirlOuka has left the room.
das Naoe Nagi: XD wb!
Sqwydmuffyn: hi
Sqwydmuffyn: again
WailingVorpal: Ahh my shoddily done clone
Akai no Kaze: wb~
skippytoad5: Thank you.
DulcineaO4: Should I be good and say "The guy who is not as hot as Schu?" or...
WailingVorpal: who doesn't look nearly as good
skippytoad5: Who's shoddy?
WailingVorpal: yes.
das Naoe Nagi: I believe we're putting you into the house next door to Schwarz.
skippytoad5: Oh goody.
WailingVorpal: no... stick him in my room
WailingVorpal: ::grins::
skippytoad5: .....
das Naoe Nagi: They moved out because they were tired ofhaving their car stolen all the time
skippytoad5: I *don't* think so.
Sqwydmuffyn: cool the rest of us can find their house by following the noise
Akai no Kaze: Urge to watch PotC..rising... o_o
WailingVorpal: yes... I'll just come over there if that's where you are
DulcineaO4: I got that today! In the mail!
DulcineaO4: But it's for my sister.. ;.;
Akai no Kaze: aww..
das Naoe Nagi: I want to watch it again...
skippytoad5: No you won't; I'll have a Schuldig shield up, a great big metal one.
das Naoe Nagi: it's taunting me, sitting right there...... X_x
skippytoad5: ^^
Sqwydmuffyn: and that'll be hard to miss....
Akai no Kaze: I've been listening to the soundtrack,, nonstop XD
DulcineaO4: I was watching LotR this morning...
skippytoad5: What's PotC stand for again? words=avoiding me
Akai no Kaze: Pirates of the Caribbean <333333
skippytoad5: *dies*
WailingVorpal: ::grins::
das Naoe Nagi: XD
skippytoad5: Of course.
WailingVorpal: nothing will save you
KyoFujimiya has entered the room.
skippytoad5: We're having a Pirates party tomorrow!!!
KyoFujimiya: YES!!!
KyoFujimiya: *dies*
skippytoad5: Hi Kyo-chan!
das Naoe Nagi: She's IN!!!!!!!!!!!
Sqwydmuffyn: hey your here
Akai no Kaze: XD
das Naoe Nagi: Welcome!!
WailingVorpal: woah!
skippytoad5: Woo hooo!
das Naoe Nagi: You just missed Ouka!
Akai no Kaze: Heyo, Kyo-chan!!
NekoYotan: :watches her AIM completely FREAK out:
DulcineaO4: Kyo! Hullo! ^.^
WailingVorpal: SCORE!
Sqwydmuffyn: *does happy dance*
KyoFujimiya: *falls over*
skippytoad5: *glomps Kyo*
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD
skippytoad5: Pile up!
KyoFujimiya: And to think, all I had to do was sign off and on again.
das Naoe Nagi: Did you install the new one?
KyoFujimiya: *PURRRRRRRRS*
NekoYotan: ._. :finds her desk and squishes under it and the blinking chatroom:
KyoFujimiya: Sankyuu for the welcome, minna...
das Naoe Nagi: You and Teffy should get together and figure out what's going on with Kyou.
skippytoad5: It was so much better than mine, anyway... *glares at Schuldig* *mutters* Shoddy my ass...
KyoFujimiya: Already did.
WailingVorpal: ::pulls out a chisel and hammer and goes to work on Geisel's poor screwed up little head::
das Naoe Nagi: yay!
KyoFujimiya: o.O
KyoFujimiya: Kyou's auxillary member now!
das Naoe Nagi: O_o
KyoFujimiya: He's a spy for Weiss!
YamiNoTeffy: *pounces Kyo*
WailingVorpal: heh?
das Naoe Nagi: Kyou needs to post in his journal
YamiNoTeffy: Heh....
WailingVorpal: LOL
Akai no Kaze: coolness!
YamiNoTeffy: ^^;;;
: *sneaks away while schu is occupied*
Akai no Kaze: Brb - AFK
KyoFujimiya: Yes...Sena will post tonight.
WailingVorpal: post boy!
DulcineaO4: *bites tongue* Ahh... ^.^
YamiNoTeffy: hai hai...
das Naoe Nagi
: hai!
skippytoad5: Oh dear... now I've gotta differentiate in my head between Kyo and Kyou...
WailingVorpal: : watches Rook::
YamiNoTeffy: You can call me Teffy
: its easier ^^;;
: *hides behind Brad*
das Naoe Nagi: *sits between Rook and Schuldig*
YamiNoTeffy: or Aguri
: lol kay.
WailingVorpal: Are you seperating us, Nagi?
DulcineaO4: *adjusts glasses*
das Naoe Nagi: No, just saving him for myself. I get to maim the Crashers first.
WailingVorpal: ::hammers the chisel against Geisel's barrier::
Sqwydmuffyn: *cuddles Nagi* look what that evil Knight did to you
DulcineaO4: Screw with his head, but don't kill him. He's going to be useful.
WailingVorpal: Screw with who's head?
KyoFujimiya: Agreed.
skippytoad5: *piles on the shieldage*
YamiNoTeffy: *clings to Kyo*
: *blinks*
DulcineaO4: Rook's.
KyoFujimiya: *happy with all the attention
WailingVorpal: ::notes Geisel's going to lock his own mind away from himself if he keeps that up::
das Naoe Nagi: O-o. Get away! *pushes Rook away* I'm gonna kill you too.
WailingVorpal: ::laughs::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *ignores Brad* Lalala, don't hear you.
skippytoad5: *decides he needs to have a vacation... the Bahamas sound nice*
KyoFujimiya: Omi: ..... -_-''
DulcineaO4: I suggest giving him a fatal attraction to someone, but that's just me.
WailingVorpal: You are going nowhere Geisel.
Sqwydmuffyn: What did I do to you? *pets Nagi* here have a loli pop little boy
Akai no Kaze: ::skitters and puts on tights:: waahhh...evil dress...I'll be back in 10 minutes or so, minna..
KyoFujimiya: o.O
WailingVorpal: mm fatal attraction Rook?
skippytoad5: I'll lock you in a room with Berger, and then where will you be, parrot?
YamiNoTeffy: why is Aya wearing a dress?
das Naoe Nagi
: Nagi: O_O..........
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Didn't you know? *smirk*
WailingVorpal: I will kill Berger. ^_^
KyoFujimiya: NO!@
WailingVorpal: And he'll love every second of it
skippytoad5: That's what you think.
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: *blinks*
: -I- will kill Berger!
WailingVorpal: just like everyone else~!
WailingVorpal: oh yeah.. I forgot you wanted to do that
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *giggles madly*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: no petting me!!! X_x
skippytoad5: Oh, *notices Omi* Hello suesse....
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *narrows eyes* The bastard's mine to kill.
skippytoad5: Wonderful of you to join us.
Sqwydmuffyn: But you're so cute
NekoYotan: Yohji: :calmly pulls out the polaroid and snaps shot of Aya wearing the dress and tucks it in his blackmail folder before fading back:
KyoFujimiya: Not you again
Akai no Kaze: Yeah..::sweatdrop:: I need to try on my dress for tmw's concert....
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: well... it would make senses since you are all florists....
Akai no Kaze
: ^^;
WailingVorpal: Fine, I'll leave berger to omi and continue here.
skippytoad5: What? Don't you like me?
KyoFujimiya: Thank you
KyoFujimiya: NO
skippytoad5: *to omi*
WailingVorpal: *crack crack crack* ::works on Geisel's mind
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *to Geisel* We've had this discussion before.
skippytoad5: *glares at Schuldig* You won't get through.
skippytoad5: Geisel: *to Omi* I don't mind having it again.
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *pretends that the strange people in this room don't exist*
KyoFujimiya: Omi: I do.
skippytoad5: And again and again and again....
WailingVorpal: ::pulls out a sledge hammer:: well then we'll have to use more drastic measures
Sqwydmuffyn: *pinches Nagi's cheeks like a deranged grandma*
skippytoad5: *sets fire to the sledgehammer*
WailingVorpal: ::drops sledgehammer on Geisel's foot::
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *crawls away and hides behind Brad*
skippytoad5: *dodges*
WailingVorpal: dammit3
DulcineaO4: O.o *Brad picks up Omi and drags him along to find alcohol*
skippytoad5: *gets layla to drop flaming sledgehammer on Schuldig's head*
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Thank God...I've been wanting to get drunk forever...
WailingVorpal: ::pops into Geisel's mind and starts working throught he maze of sheilding::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *psychically flattens Rook into the far wall* Don't pinch my cheeks!
DulcineaO4: Brad: *downs a glass, hands a bottle to Omi*
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *takes a swig straight from the bottle*
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: *watches everyone looking for an exit*
: *sets fire to psychic-version-Schuldig*
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: but your so cute I just have to cuddle you. Don't you want to be my little brother too?
DulcineaO4: Brad: Not drunk yet. -.-* *continues to drink heavily*
KyoFujimiya: Omi: No, not yet. *keeps drinking too*
skippytoad5: Y'know, you guys might want to watch the alcohol... it's kinda flammable...
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: NO! No no fuck no! *runs over to Omi instead*
skippytoad5: *grins*
WailingVorpal: ::psycic version fo schuldig isn't solid and thus not flammable::
DulcineaO4: Brad: *frowns slightly* Sixth glass. *continues to drink*
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Nagi-kun! Have some!
skippytoad5: *well shit*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *glares at Brad but takes the bottle* kay.
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Awe.... don't my little brothers look cute together?
WailingVorpal: ::cackles and pokes ant one of the sheilds, disintegrating ti like acid::
WailingVorpal: mmm tastey
skippytoad5: Ew, you like acid?
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *frenches Nagi after he's taken a drink*
DulcineaO4: Brad: *finally starting to not see straight*
WailingVorpal: of the mind, yes
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *gives Rook the glare of DEATH*
WailingVorpal: XD talented nagi
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: *steals Youji's camera to take picture of cute little brothers*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O Don't kiss me with people around!
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: ^^;;; Omi-san i never knew you were that wat...
NekoYotan: Yohji: :glares at Rook and swipes his camera back: Get your own or pay to rent it...
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Oh for GODS sake Nagi, quit being such a prudish little brat!
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Here's a dollar, go buy the rest of your shirt
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O
WailingVorpal: LOL
DulcineaO4: Brad: *slowly happily going into the alcoholic haze*
das Naoe Nagi: ROFLOL!
WailingVorpal: Nice subtlty omi
KyoFujimiya: Omi: We do a LOT worsse NOT in front of people.
NekoYotan: Yohji: -_-'''''''
WailingVorpal: ::grins:: youji and I have done worse in front of people
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *blush* O_o...........
NekoYotan: Yohji: :nods in agreement with Schu: Much worse..
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: awe he's blushing
WailingVorpal: ::winks at youji:: and enjoyed every second of it.
WailingVorpal: ::pokes another of Geisel's barriers and watches it disintigrate like acid::
skippytoad5: *looks at Schu* *glares* *puts barrier back up*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: I am not blushing! *takes bottle and goes to sit in the corner alone*
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: *flops down next to Brad* You know, you kinda lokk like Bishop....
NekoYotan: Yohji: :smirks and nods again in agreement... then glares at Rook for a moment after taking the dollar and shoves it in teh waistband of his pants: Hmph.
WailingVorpal: XD
skippytoad5: *goes over to Nagi* Are your friends torturing you?
WailingVorpal: i always knew you were gay Rook
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: I'm NOT gay
WailingVorpal: oh? But Brad looks like Bishop
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: None of your business!
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: well yeah.... dark hair, tall.....
WailingVorpal: :;pokes another of Geisel's barriers and watches it disintegrate::
WailingVorpal: Well you obviously are not an artist.
WailingVorpal: Just because brad looks half good and has dark hair...
KyoFujimiya: BRB - Phone
NekoYotan: Yohji: :coughs: in denial :coughs:
WailingVorpal: ::disintegrates another sheild::
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: You're just upset because he wouldn't fuck you with someone else's dick
WailingVorpal: ::buddies up with Youji to harass Rook::
skippytoad5: Geisel: I can help with that, you know... I'm not such a bad guy, no matter what you've been told. They just don't understand me. I've been told you're a very understanding person.
WailingVorpal: ::blinks at Rook:: that made no sense
WailingVorpal: ::disintegrates another sheild::
skippytoad5: *puts up barriers again*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Who the fuck told you that I'm understanding?
skippytoad5: Geisel: A little birdie.
NekoYotan: Yohji: :makes the cookoo sign with his finger and poitns at Rook:
WailingVorpal: I'm already driving him insane apparently Nagi.
WailingVorpal: :;laughs with Youji::
skippytoad5: Geisel: I'm sure you can be understanding in the right situations, anyway. *smiles*
WailingVorpal: ::disintegrates yet another of Geisel's sheilds:: five down
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Did your birdie tell you to come and waste my time too?
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: leave me alone.... I am NOT gay
NekoYotan: Yohji: You sure about that? you did give me a dollar... :points at bill sticking out of his pants and smiles sweetly:
WailingVorpal: Sure Rook. You keep saying that. I've seen what you think of Yuushi.
WailingVorpal: Hey yeah... he mistook you for a chippendale Kudo.
NekoYotan: Yohji: It's an honest mistake..
WailingVorpal: Indeed
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: I did not put it there..... I do NOT think that about Knight... Ran would kill me
WailingVorpal: Just because Ran would kill you doesn't mean you don't think it.
skippytoad5: Geisel: I only listen to it when it's got something to say.
skippytoad5: Geisel: Besides, you looked lonely.
skippytoad5: *more smiles*
WailingVorpal: ::disintegrates another sheild:: six
skippytoad5: *not 5, I put at least 3 back up*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Well you're misinformed. I don't want you around. *takes drink*
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Hey flame boy. Stay away from my little brother
skippytoad5: *puts up another shield*
WailingVorpal: Schuldig grins:: Nagi can handle himself. And if Geisel does anything to hurt him, I'll flay his mind.
DulcineaO4 has left the room.
skippytoad5: Geisel: I'm not doing anything.
WailingVorpal: ::takes it right back down:: six again
skippytoad5: *puts them back up*
skippytoad5: Geisel: This is getting tedious.
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Leave me ALONE.
DulcineaO4 has entered the room.
NekoYotan: Yohji: :leans against a wall and pulls out his cigarettes:
WailingVorpal: ::sits on top of one in psychic form
das Naoe Nagi: wb Dulci!
WailingVorpal: wb Brad
DulcineaO4: Sanks! ^.^
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: *hurries over to Nagi* did that bad man hurt you?
DulcineaO4: *Brad remains pleasedly drunk*
skippytoad5: Geisel: Well, if you really insist, juenglein. *saunters back over to Omi*
WailingVorpal: ::hops down inside the sheilds that he's already taken down and moves on to disintegrate the next ones even though the ohters built back up behind him::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_o *deadpans* No, leave me alone.
WailingVorpal: LOL ooh Rook, even the young ones don't want you around.
WailingVorpal: First Pawn now this one
skippytoad5: ((Did the bad man hurt you??? *cracks up* *scares the cat*))
KyoFujimiya: Pssst... Schuuuuuuuuuu....
NekoYotan: Yohji: :chuckles around his cigarette:
Akai no Kaze: ::hides and slips back into her fleece:: Back ^^;
WailingVorpal: ahh sorry Kyo
skippytoad5: O.o
das Naoe Nagi: wb!
DulcineaO4: WB! ^.^
Akai no Kaze: sankyuu~ ^^
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: *grabs bottle from Brad* NO body loves me
WailingVorpal: Schuldig shrugs:: I tried to help you with that Rook
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Good, got that right!
DulcineaO4: Brad: *growls, maims Rook, takes the bottle back*
WailingVorpal: LOL
Akai no Kaze: ::resists urge to set nylons on fire:: -_-
YamiNoTeffy: *blinku*
das Naoe Nagi
: Nagi: *drinks all by himself*
skippytoad5: Geisel: I can do that for you...
das Naoe Nagi: LOL
skippytoad5: *bounces ball of flame in palm*
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Ow. gimme that.
Akai no Kaze: stupid..hole...::grumbles:: ><
DulcineaO4: ...There's alcohol in the cabinet. *points to the itchen*
skippytoad5: The itchen?
Akai no Kaze: XD
skippytoad5: Where's that?
WailingVorpal: If you drink my lager I'll kill you rook
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: *runns to the kitchen and grabs the lager* HA
skippytoad5: Too late, Schu-honey... I did that last night. *smiles nastily*
WailingVorpal: ::looks at Geisel and promptly holds out a hand and fries the last couple barriers::
skippytoad5: It's allll gone.... except for the one bottle Rook apparently has now.
skippytoad5: *throws Schu out of his head once and for all*
skippytoad5: Dammit! Get out!
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *drinks and stumbles over to Aya* Here, you need this more than me *shoves liquor bottle at him*
WailingVorpal: ::grins:: I'm the telepath. I'm stronger than you.
WailingVorpal: you are doomed to fail!!
WailingVorpal: MWAHAHAHA!
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Ran, you still love me, right? *sniff sniff*
WailingVorpal: How's it feel slave?
skippytoad5: Oh, Nagi, watch the flaming nylons there...
DulcineaO4: *stares blankly at Schu and Geisel*
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::blinks at the bottle:: >_> no thanks
skippytoad5: (I just couldn't resist)
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Why are you wearing a dress Aya?
skippytoad5: Wow... I hope Aya took off the nylons before Geisel set them on fire...
Akai no Kaze: Aya: >__< I'M NOT WEARING A F&%^&$&^ DRESS!!!one
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: yes you are.
WailingVorpal: XD XD
das Naoe Nagi: LOL!!!
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: I think it makes you look fat Ran
skippytoad5: Uh oh.
WailingVorpal: ROFLMAO
das Naoe Nagi: Me: *getting stared at by roommates for laughing so hard*
NekoYotan: Yohji: :pulls out the polaroid again and calmly snaps shots of Aya in the dress, humming to himself:
skippytoad5: LOL
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: I dunno his figure is slender.
Akai no Kaze
: Aya: ::shoves his mun away:: SHE was weari....::looks at Rook:: ..... XO
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: are you wearing a stuffed bra?
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: I thought Aya was a girl when i first saw him.
WailingVorpal: ::falls over laughing::
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::twitch..twitch..TWITCH::
DulcineaO4: *stands up, walks into the kitchen, gets more alcohol*
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: actually i thought Omi was one too...
: Rook: you are
WailingVorpal: This is better than any torture I could do~
NekoYotan: Yohji: :leans over and whispers to Kyou: Just watch out when he PMs's....
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: You know, girls look better with long hair *peers at Aya*
Akai no Kaze: ::dies::
skippytoad5: So... is Aya twitching because he's wearing a dress, or because his nylons are on fire?
Akai no Kaze: ::just...dies::
WailingVorpal: LOLOLOLOLOL
Sqwydmuffyn: lol
WailingVorpal: OMG
das Naoe Nagi: LOL!!!!
das Naoe Nagi: I can't breathe..... *dies*
Akai no Kaze: Aya: She took them off. -_____________- My MUN was wearing the DRESS. SHUT UP!
skippytoad5: Don't worry.. I can't either...
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: *looks to Yoji* Who are you... Miss?
WailingVorpal: ::shreiking with laughter::
DulcineaO4: *walks back in, stares at Aya, then at Omi* ...Are you two trying out a new game?
Akai no Kaze: ::twich, falls over::
NekoYotan: Yohji: O.O >.> :smacks Kyou:
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *leans over to Aya's ear and whispers* Shh.. I won't tel anyone your sectret.
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: itai!!! T_T
: Rook: See schu, there's your Rocky Horror Drag Queen
WailingVorpal: XD XD XD
das Naoe Nagi: LOL
WailingVorpal: LOL
WailingVorpal: indeed where's the toast?
skippytoad5: So.... who's gonna post this section of the log on weissd_ooc?
Sqwydmuffyn: in the itchen?
skippytoad5: ^^
WailingVorpal: thoguh from the looks of it, Aya's no rocky virgin
skippytoad5: LOL!
das Naoe Nagi: NAgi: *offers bottle to Aya* Are you sure that you don't want any alcohol?
WailingVorpal: XD XD
NekoYotan: Yohji: :glares: You deserve it.... >.>
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::twitches again and puts on his EVIL ORANGE SWEATER::
KyoFujimiya: I LIKE that sweater, dammit!
skippytoad5: Ooh, classy, Aya.
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::twitches again::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O...
NekoYotan: Yohji: :lifts arms and shields his face from the hideousy that is the sweater of dooooom: it burns........
Akai no Kaze: XD!
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: dude.... you made a sweater outta Pumpkin Head's Hair
Akai no Kaze: roflmao
YamiNoTeffy: XD
das Naoe Nagi
WailingVorpal: ...
skippytoad5: *smiles hungrily* I can make it burn for real...
WailingVorpal: CARROT
skippytoad5: What? Parrot?
WailingVorpal: no slave
WailingVorpal: carrot
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ...::changes again, into his black tee, tossing the sweater to Omi::
skippytoad5: I am NOT your slave!!!
WailingVorpal: yes you are
WailingVorpal: ::points out he's inside the barriers::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Black makes you look fat, Aay
das Naoe Nagi: *aya
Akai no Kaze: Parrot? Reminds me of the Mute's bird...PotC...::flails:: Oou..
DulcineaO4: Brad: *frowns again* ...Where's my damn alcohol?
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: you drank it
skippytoad5: Geisel: This is not an official chat and besides I'm hotter than you.
WailingVorpal: Brad, you know I think I've turned you into an alchoholic
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: in order to keep from looking fat Ran, there is only one thing for you to do...
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *has the only alcohol left I think*
WailingVorpal: No you're not. I've slept with more people here and They'll all vouch for me
YamiNoTeffy: I fear deeply for my Kyou
Akai no Kaze
: Aya: I'm skinny, damnit!! >____<
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: STRIP
skippytoad5: I've only just gotten here... I need some time to work up my reputation.
KyoFujimiya: NO!
Akai no Kaze: Aya: O__O
YamiNoTeffy: O_o
: *stares blankly at Schu* ...I like being drunk.
KyoFujimiya: Omi: MINE!
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Are you? *lifts Aya's shirt*
WailingVorpal: you don't have a snowball's chance in hell
YamiNoTeffy: i wanna see Aya nekkid!
WailingVorpal: ::looks at Brad and sweatdrops:: yes... well..
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::puts a sign on himself saying "for Omi's eyes ONLY"::
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Wait kid, Omi I thought you were dating the snotty Kid
NekoYotan: Yohji: :snags a bottle of liquor, his camera, and goes to sit up high and take pictures for use in blackmail later: Hmm... These will go for a ton on eBay... "Assassins Gone Wild"
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *sighs and looks at the bottle again. Looks at Kyo* Wanna get drunk?
KyoFujimiya: Kyo: Yeah.
KyoFujimiya: Kyo: Really drunk.
skippytoad5: *glances over* Me too. *turns back to Schu* I've got some tricks up my sleeve, babe, so don't get so cocky yet.
DulcineaO4: Brad: *walks over to Schu, trying to find more alcohol*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Omi iis two-timing me. -_-
Akai no Kaze: Aya: Shut up, already.
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: That's horrible. Omi how could you?
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Think what you will. It's not like that.
WailingVorpal: ::frowns at Geisel: You have ample sleeves but you're tricks are childsplay
skippytoad5: Geisel: Well then, Nagi, the only thing to do is to two-time him back. *put arm around Nagi*
WailingVorpal: I don't have any alchohol on me Brad.
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O
DulcineaO4: *Grabs Schu, begins kissing him very fiercely*
WailingVorpal: ::grins:: give him a good wallop, nagi
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: So when do I get to meet the crazy one and the nutty chick he's dating?
WailingVorpal: mmph!
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *crawls away, just doesn't want to deal*
KyoFujimiya: Kyo-chan: *crawls after him*
skippytoad5: Geisel: How can you talk when Brad's kissing you like that, Schu?
WailingVorpal: *_*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *bashes Geisel into the wall* NOT INTERESTED!
WailingVorpal: <-- happy schuldig
DulcineaO4: *pushes him against the wall, you know the drill*
skippytoad5: *rides on Kyo's back* Woo hoo giddyup horsie!
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::goes after Omi::
KyoFujimiya: Kyo: o.O
WailingVorpal: ...///closet .... to left...//.
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *curls up under a table*
skippytoad5: Geisel: *shakes head* *blinkes* Wow, you've got a powerful.... how'd you get all the way over there, Nagi?
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *stares at Omi going bye-bye*
DulcineaO4: Brad: *drags him away for a few minutes*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: fuck off, Geisel. Schu is hotter than you anyway.
skippytoad5: Geisel: I can't believe you think that. Besides, Schuldig's probably just got all of you brainwashed.
WailingVorpal: ::lasting thoguht in geisel's head: //told you so//
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: leave him alone you nasty child molester
WailingVorpal: ::drug happily to closet::
skippytoad5: Geisel: //fuck off//
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O Everyone leave me alone!
WailingVorpal: ::flips Rook off on the way::
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::looks down at Omi beneath the table::
DulcineaO4: Brad: *takes Rook's bottle before closing the door behind them*
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: I said I'm NOT Gay...... hey
WailingVorpal: ::Muffled noises: XDXD
skippytoad5: *cheers*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *is happily alone now*
Akai no Kaze: ::sends Soza after Nagi::
Akai no Kaze: ::inno smile::
skippytoad5: Who's Soza?
Akai no Kaze: OC of mine ^^;;
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O Stay away or I'll scare you!
DulcineaO4: (*cough* Lala, *waits patiently*)
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *hugging his knees to his chest, looks up at Aya with sad eyes*
Akai no Kaze: telekinetic/telepath
skippytoad5: ah
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::sits down by the table and reaches underneath to take Omi's hand::
skippytoad5: ^^
WailingVorpal: *bam* *thunk*
skippytoad5: Geisel: Aww, look... the lovebirds are getting cuddly...
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: he stole my beer.... 8marches up to closet and rips open the door* gimme that .... wow your flexible
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *takes his hand and peers for Nagi to occupy the other one*
Akai no Kaze: rofl @ Rook XD
NekoYotan: Yohji: :takesa nother look around then disappears off to find some fun for the evening:
WailingVorpal: ::grabs Rook by the collar and yanks the door shut on his head::
skippytoad5: Geisel: Who's flexible? *follows Rook*
Akai no Kaze: ORGY!
Akai no Kaze: ::cough::
skippytoad5: *reaches door just as it shuts* Damn.
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: I'm NOT gay
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *glares of death at Aya* Get away from my Omi!
WailingVorpal: I was trying to kill you, not screw you
Sqwydmuffyn: Mun: Shut up and get in there
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::narrows his eyes:: .....
DulcineaO4: Brad: *glowers* Mine now. *locks the door*
WailingVorpal: .::distracted::
WailingVorpal: mmmmmmmm
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Don't fucking start you two.
skippytoad5: Geisel: *takes advangage of Schu's distraction* *lights coat on fire*
DulcineaO4: *sound of glass breaking* ...Was that important?
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *glares at Aya and find his corner alone again*
YamiNoTeffy: Kyou: *looks around for Sena-kun*
: Rook: He really is flaming
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Fine... fuck you too.
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::looks down:: ._.
WailingVorpal: ... //hot!//
WailingVorpal: .. ::finds new kink::
Sqwydmuffyn: lol
skippytoad5: ROFL
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *squeezes Aya's hand*
KyoFujimiya: *dies*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *calls out* Ha, doesn't look like you are, Omi!
Akai no Kaze: XDXDXD
DulcineaO4: *bites her tongue* Nae gonna say what I'm thinking nae gonna say what I'm thinking...
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: You killed my little brother *tackles Aya*
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ....!!
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Leave him alone...
WailingVorpal: ::thinks Rook is Inigo Montoya::
skippytoad5: But he didn't say Chello at the beginning!
WailingVorpal: ::fire smothered by clothes and other ... stuff::
skippytoad5: Ya gotta say Chello!
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Omi!!! You're not dead *cuddleglomp*
DulcineaO4: Brad: ....*frowns as he notices the fire* Hot tub?
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::crawls back over to Omi::
skippytoad5: Geisel: *looks at tangle of bishounen appreciatively* Hot something all right.
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Nagi...come over here... please... *doesn't ask like that often, eyes pleading* No fighting.
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *wonders where Tot is*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: No. Get rid of him and I'll come over.
Sqwydmuffyn: *under Ken's tires?*
WailingVorpal: Ohh that too?
Akai no Kaze: lol
das Naoe Nagi: *coughs*
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ....
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *head in knees, trying to hide tears*
skippytoad5: *giggles*
WailingVorpal: ::untangles limbs::
skippytoad5: *having fun*
das Naoe Nagi: XDXD me too!
DulcineaO4: Brad: *stares blankly at his arm as he tries to figure out how it untangles, shrugs, drags Schu somewhere else*
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Poor little brother......*pet pet pet*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *looks around jealously* Well maybe you're not so ugly, Geisel..
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::frowns, takes Omi's hand again::..
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Gonna sleep with him too, Nagi?
skippytoad5: Geisel: *smiles* See? I knew you'd come around.
WailingVorpal: ::get's draggessomewhere else, missing articles of clothing::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *GLARE*
WailingVorpal: Nagi do NOT encourage him.//
skippytoad5: *takes Nagi's hand* Ignore him, suesse. You're better than him.
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *bitterly hides his face again*
YamiNoTeffy has left the room.
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: None of you are good enough for my little brother *hugs Omi*
skippytoad5: Why are Nagi and Omi Rook's little brothers? *confused*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *stares at his hand* Who said you could touch me?
WailingVorpal: Rook thinks everyone's his little brother
skippytoad5: *already dragging Nagi off*
skippytoad5: Oh.
WailingVorpal: he's got some sort of complex
Sqwydmuffyn: yup
DulcineaO4: Brad: *finds the nearest hot tub and tries to continue where they left off without all the noise*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O-o...
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::glares a little at Rook, slides his arm around Omi::
WailingVorpal: ::happily continues where they left off also, with much vigor::.
skippytoad5: Geisel: *pouty* You don't like me?
KyoFujimiya: Omi: *tries to block everything out, leaning against Aya and Rook, crying*
Sqwydmuffyn: *pours cherry jello in hot tub*
DulcineaO4: *insert lemony stuff here*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Not particularily, no.
WailingVorpal: ::notes Rook has more kink than he realized::
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Don't cry little brother... *cuddle cuddle*
WailingVorpal: Not only a voyer, but a voyer with supplies of jello for kinky sex
skippytoad5: Geisel: Well, I'm sure we can fix that... let's go.
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O *dragged off*
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: I am NOT gay... my mun is a perv
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::Strokes Omi's hair, hugging him::
WailingVorpal: ::squicky jello sex::
WailingVorpal: XD
DulcineaO4: O.o Ewww...
WailingVorpal: LOL
Akai no Kaze: lolol
WailingVorpal: you squicked Brad out Rook!
skippytoad5: So... does that mean he's having sex with the jello, or he's having sex *with* the jello?
das Naoe Nagi: LOL! What flavor, chrry? ^.~
DulcineaO4: Brad: *blinks drowsily* Where exactly did all the water go?
das Naoe Nagi: *cherry
Sqwydmuffyn: where'd youji and the camera go?
WailingVorpal: In the jello Geisel
skippytoad5: Geisel: I'm not here. *seducing Nagi*
DulcineaO4: Would that even work? I mean jello is... not... ewww...
WailingVorpal: Cherry jello according to rook
WailingVorpal: ::distracts Brad again::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *deadpans* Sorry, not easily seduced.
KyoFujimiya: Omi: Hn.
NekoYotan: yohji disappeared to go get drunk.... ^_^
DulcineaO4: Brad: *shrugs, continues what he was doing again*
das Naoe Nagi: I think cherry jello would work rather well as a lubricant.
skippytoad5: Geisel: Damn. Well, I'm sure you can change with time. ^_^
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: It's ok little brother.... *petpet*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Wanna seduce me? Dress up like a girl, like Aya.
WailingVorpal: ::muffled noises from hot tub elsewhere::
WailingVorpal: ((LOL NAGI!))
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::gives Nagi the Glare(tm)::
DulcineaO4: (*snrks*)
DulcineaO4: *lots of water sloshed everywhere, some bubble bath, but NO jello!*
skippytoad5: Geisel: *checks to see if Nagi's serious*
WailingVorpal: Must be a new bath
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *serious look* And grow some boobs too. Less of a penis would be nice.
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::mutter,grumble:: He's not your brother....::Kisses Omi's forehead::
DulcineaO4: Wonder if Brad even remembered to turn the water off... wait, no, Schu distracted him...
Akai no Kaze: Aya: >O
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: Yes he is
KyoFujimiya: Omi: He can be, Aya-kun... *whisper*
NekoYotan has left the room.
skippytoad5: Geisel: *quoting hentai game* What? My precious cock? I can't get rid of my precious thing!
WailingVorpal: ::room floods::
skippytoad5: O.o
Akai no Kaze: o_o
WailingVorpal: O_o
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Well you're not sticking your precious thing in me! X_x
skippytoad5: *gets dirty thoughts*
DulcineaO4: O.o;;;;;;
WailingVorpal: XD XD
skippytoad5: (about teh room flooding)
Sqwydmuffyn: (schu and brad made everybody wet)
Akai no Kaze: [roflmao]
das Naoe Nagi: *wonders if Geisel's special thing is the same as Miki's special thing*
skippytoad5: [ME TOO!]
das Naoe Nagi: *percious
WailingVorpal: ::says nothing, turning off the faucet and continuing::
skippytoad5: Geisel: O.o
DulcineaO4: Brad: *blinks sleepily again* ...What were we talking about, by the way?
skippytoad5: Geisel: I don't think so...
WailingVorpal: ::hands brad a towel:: We weren't talking.
Akai no Kaze: Aya: Ok..::nods to Omi::
skippytoad5: Geisel: Most of us anyway.
Akai no Kaze: [::passes chocolates around to everyone::]
DulcineaO4: Brad: ...Who won then? *tries to find his watch*
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: *frowns* I don't see a dress anywhere.
WailingVorpal: mmm it was a tie.
skippytoad5: [wooo chocolate]
Akai no Kaze: [::and taffy::]
DulcineaO4: ...*smirks slightly* I hate ties.
Sqwydmuffyn: (SUGAR!!!!!!!!)
das Naoe Nagi: (chocolate!!!!! sankyuu!! *bounce*)
skippytoad5: Geisel: *puts on fishnets and a vinyl spaghetti strap short dress* How's this? *poses*
skippytoad5: Geisel: <--looks good
skippytoad5: ^_^
Sqwydmuffyn: Rook: AH my eyes
Akai no Kaze: the dress...mid-shin length, black, short nylons and backless, platform clogs...
WailingVorpal: Schuldig: Well we'll just have to change the outcome next time.
Akai no Kaze: Aya: ::to mun:: >O I wasn't wearing it!!!
DulcineaO4: Brad: Of course. *has now worked off the alcohol, and will be having a spazz-fit over the floor tomorrow*
skippytoad5: mun: *thinks snrk is a great word* (random thought)
WailingVorpal: ::hops out and dries off::
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: O_O
KyoFujimiya: Guys...I have to leave..
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Man you're one flat-chested girl
Sqwydmuffyn: ok bye
das Naoe Nagi: Bai bai Kyo!!!!
DulcineaO4: *purrs against Kyo* Talk soon! ^.^
skippytoad5: Byebye Kyo!
Akai no Kaze: ::snuggles Kyo:: Talk to ya later~!
das Naoe Nagi: *grabs Omi and snogs him six tmes*
skippytoad5: (btw, I got the room for Cap, Friday & Saturday)
DulcineaO4: *tries to straighten the room somewhat, pauses* Rose-scented next time?
skippytoad5: O.o
Sqwydmuffyn: *lime jello next time
NekoYotan has entered the room.
WailingVorpal: score!
WailingVorpal: finally
KyoFujimiya: [thanks]
DulcineaO4: *falls over* x.x No!!
WailingVorpal: ok I'm back
DulcineaO4: WB! ^.^
das Naoe Nagi: wb!
Akai no Kaze: wb ^^
NekoYotan: :growls something alone the lines of 'about fucking time':
Sqwydmuffyn: but Jello is great
KyoFujimiya: *hugs to everyone* Take care... sorry that my Omi's off...
KyoFujimiya: IRL stuffs.
WailingVorpal: Jello is good
das Naoe Nagi: Nagi: Geisel, now parade around the room for me in the dress.
Sqwydmuffyn: BYe Kyo see you later
Akai no Kaze: <3 Kyo-chan~~
skippytoad5: Actually.... I have to go too, to dinner...
WailingVorpal: ::coming out of bathroom:: you got him in a dress.
Sqwydmuffyn: a likely story
WailingVorpal: LOL
DulcineaO4: *walks out, pauses as he sees Geisel, then grabs Schu and tries to drag him back in*